Resident Screening

Placing the right resident is one of the most important functions of a property management company and will have a direct impact on your success and experience as a landlord. Our extensive screening process, attention to detail and standard qualifying criteria sets us apart from other Parker property management companies.

Our advanced resident screening system combined with next generation Artificial Intelligence software provides us access to the industry’s largest rental payment history database, in-depth criminal background information, extensive credit checks from the major bureaus, and prior eviction reports. After this screening is received, we perform a thorough review of the information against the application to look for any inconsistencies in their application such as previous address information omitted or employment information inconsistent with the application. The comparison between the application and credit report plays a vital role in a successful screening of the applicant and catches those who may be trying to omit a bad rental experience they may have not wanted to reveal to us for fear of denial. We also analyze their income stated and verify the information against payroll or tax records to ensure they make at least 3 times the monthly rent amount. Additionally, we contact their previous landlords to provide us with a rental reference. All this information combined with our years of experience means we know how to interpret the data to extract the real meaning when it comes to suitability.

Every applicant 18 years of age or older will be screened the same way as every other applicant. We have a detailed list of application criteria which we share before anyone applies for a home. Prospective residents know exactly what we’re looking for and what kinds of qualifications will be required before we approve an application. Our processes and procedures are transparent, consistent, legally compliant and consistently keeps our eviction rate below 1%.

We are extremely confident in our ability to place quality and reliable Residents that we will guarantee ANY Resident screened by Doorstep Realty Partners that signs a 12 month lease. If for any reason they do not complete their initial lease, we will re-rent your home for FREE!

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