Things break and in our years of experience, they usually break in the middle of the night or so it seems. No one likes midnight calls, or even the middle-of-the-day calls for urgent repair needs. When you work with a property management company in Parker we will get the call, not you. In addition to the reactive maintenance issues, we focus on regular proactive maintenance to reduce costly emergency services. As investment property owners ourselves we understand that small problems if untreated turn into big problems. Let our team at Doorstep Realty Partners handle the urgency on your behalf and you enjoy your sleep or vacation because we have you covered!

Protecting and maintaining your home and your investment is a top priority for us. We offer our residents a secure portal to submit all maintenance issues, which can be accessed online with a simple click as well as a 24 hour emergency repair hotline. Fast maintenance is a priority and when a resident considers renewing their lease, they remember how someone responded to their requests. How quickly was the faucet fixed? Was someone there when they needed them? When happy renters renew a lease, you enjoy consistent rental income, and eliminate turnover costs.

We outsource much of your property’s maintenance needs to a preferred list of vendors, some of which we have been using for over ten years. We employ licensed, insured contractors who we can trust. This relationship and purchasing power helps our Partners get a better than market price for most of the work that is requested. Working with discount or unlicensed workers will only open you up to liability and put you and your investment at risk. Don't find yourself dealing with a property manager who uses in-house maintenance expenses as an opportunity to pad their bottom line from what should be your profits. We're open and honest with our clients and treat you like a Partner. With our commitment to communication and transparency all Vendor bills and receipts are emailed monthly with Owner Statements and are also available through our online Owner Portal

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