Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in applying for one of our properties! Doorstep Realty Partners is committed to offering quality service to keep our residents happy. Please note that our application fee is NON- REFUNDABLE. Before applying for this property, we feel it is imperative that you are made aware of, and fully understand our application procedures, criteria and requirements.

We use a third-party pet policy service, and ALL applicants must create a No Pet, Pet and/or Assistance Animal profile. If you have a pet, there is an additional non-refundable pet application fee of $20 for the 1st pet and $15 for the 2nd pet. Click here to complete your No Pet, Pet and/or Assistance Animal profile

Prior to filling out your application, have the information listed below ready. Towards the end of the application, you will be asked to upload the following documents:

Upon receiving a complete application, you will be contacted by the leasing office regarding the status of your application within forty-eight (48) hours. NOTE: Your application will not be processed until this application is completed AND the appropriate application fees are paid. If you have any questions call 303.835.3422 or email us at


  1. An application must be filled out for each adult over the age of 18 and must be signed and accompanied by a $50 non-refundable application fee per adult. An incomplete application will delay the process and could result in another applicant being approved while we wait for your information.
  2. Please note you’ll also be required to complete a profile for acknowledgement of having or not having pets on the property. Please visit to complete the profile that matches your needs.




The combined gross income should be at least equal to or greater than three (3) times the monthly rent and verifiable from an unbiased source. Housing vouchers and certificates may be accepted. The resident must meet the same criteria as those seeking non-subsidized housing.


CREDIT HISTORY: We will obtain a copy of your credit score when you submit an application. You cannot provide this to us, we will obtain this ourselves. Credit history should show that the resident has paid bills on time and does not have a history of debt “write-offs” or accounts that have gone into collection. Residency may be denied due to poor credit history. Contingent on your credit score, an additional security deposit could be required. All lease holder’s credit scores are averaged. Medical bills and student loans could be overlooked. - Open collections to a bank, lender, collection agency, utility company, previous property owner, manager, or landlord type agency as reported on applicant's credit bureaus or otherwise disclosed is cause for an automatic denial.


We require verifiable residence history for at least three (3) years whether you currently own or rent. Applicants are responsible for providing information including the names, addresses and phone numbers of Landlords with the dates of tenancy for the previous 3-5 years. Rental history must be verified from unbiased sources. Homeowners will be verified from a current credit report and/or county record.


We will check these databases for all applicants over 18 years of age. Criminal backgrounds involving violent crimes, sex offenses, domestic violence and/or involving the possession/distribution of weapons or illegal substances could result in denial of application. An exception may be made for type and or age of offense, please provide details to the Property Manager.


Please note that these are the maximum number of occupants who may occupy homes with the number of bedrooms noted:


All of our properties vary in pet policies depending on if pets are allowed, what type of pet, weight, number of pets allowed, and additional pet fees that apply per pet. Many of our properties are pet friendly and will accept a maximum of 2 pets. For all properties, we must ensure residents are responsible pet owners and respect other residents in the area. If you apply for, or currently live in, one of our homes and wish to have a pet, you will need to complete the online pet profile and pay a non-refundable pet application fee of $20 for the 1st pet and $15 for the 2nd pet.

Please visit to review our comprehensive pet and animal policy and to complete the profile that matches your needs.


Absolutely NO tobacco or marijuana smoking is allowed inside of ANY of our properties. Although Colorado has legalized both the use of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, under Federal law, marijuana remains a Class I Controlled Substance and therefore illegal under the Federal Laws. Colorado law and Federal law gives us the right to prohibit it. Marijuana use, possession, and/or growing is prohibited in our properties. Violators will be evicted as detailed in the lease agreement. Amendment 64 specifically states that landlords may prohibit marijuana use on a leased property.


Doorstep Realty Partners requires all residents to have renter’s insurance in the amount of $100,000 or more to cover their legal liability for damage to the property during their lease term and name Doorstep Realty Partners as an additional interest.


All photos are of the actual property unless noted are only representative of the size and space of the interior. Applicants must view the property in person to determine if the size and space of the property is acceptable to their needs and wants. To view a property, you must schedule a showing with our office. No properties will be rented "sight unseen". We require at least one person that is going to be on the lease views the property first before applying. Properties are advertised and are to be accepted "as-is"


  1. Completed application
  2. Including completed profile
  3. Paid $50 application fee(s)
  4. All occupants 18 years of age or older have also submitted application & paid their application fee
  5. All required application documents submitted
    • Government Issued Identification Card
    • Proof of recent income – minimum of 4 most recent pay stubs, or 6 months bank statements, or current year tax returns. Applications will not be processed until application is completed AND the appropriate application fees are paid. The applicant understands that by completing this application process: - The application fee(s) is non-refundable. - The applicant understands that once an approval is offered for this home, the required security deposit must be made via online payment or delivery of a certified check or money order within twenty-four (24) hours. - The applicant understands that prior to move in there is a one-time move in fee of $100. We may process several applications for the same property at the same time and in such an event, all approved applications for the same property may be submitted for final decision. We do hold applications open for sixty (60) days. You may apply your pre-approved application towards any of our other properties within those sixty (60) days WITHOUT having to pay an application fee again.


Once your application has been approved, you will have twenty-four (24) hours to submit the required Security Deposit to secure the property. Once the Security Deposit(s) have been received, you will have twenty-four (24) hours to sign the lease once it has been sent to take the property off the market. If the lease is not signed within the allotted time Doorstep Realty Partners reserves the right to process the next application received or consider any other approved applications.