Pet Policy

All of our properties vary in pet policies depending on if pets are allowed, what type of pet, weight, number of pets allowed, and additional pet fees that apply per pet. Many of our properties are pet friendly and will accept a maximum of 2 pets. For all properties, we must ensure residents are responsible pet owners and respect other residents in the area. If you apply for, or currently live in, one of our homes and wish to have a pet, you will need to complete the online pet profile and pay a non-refundable pet application fee of $20 for the 1st pet and $15 for the 2nd pet.

Please visit to complete the profile that matches your needs.

Any dog or cat under the age of one year is not allowed. Dog breeds other than those listed below, and cats are considered on a case-by-case basis. No pets (with the exception of legally defined emotional support or service animals) of any kind are permitted without the specific written permission of Doorstep Realty Partners. Any approved pet will require a $350 additional deposit and $30 monthly pet rent will apply per pet (not applicable to emotional support or service animals). Some properties may require higher additional deposits or higher rent amounts, of which you will be notified once the pet application has been processed.

Doorstep Realty Partners does accept assistance animals per state and federal guidelines. If you have an assistance animal, you will need to complete an online animal profile. There is no application fee for this process. Please contact our office with any questions. Unfortunately, our insurance company will not allow the following dog breeds, even in our pet friendly homes:

For applicants that have Pets At the end of the application process, you will be asked to click on the link This link will direct you to to complete a Pet Application and to pay the required pet profile fee.

For applicants who don’t have a Pet Please visit the link and complete a ‘No Pet’ profile at no additional cost.